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This is our Beaded Earrings page of our website.  Here you will find many examples of the types of earrings that we offer.  Some of these are one of a kind and others are the traditional styles that are offered along the Pow Wow Trail.  We hope that you enjoy all that we have displayed here. 
We have been attempting to expand the items that we offer to you at our online trading post. So in the next few months we will be updating and reorganizing our site. This is our second page for our normal beadwork. Here you will find our offerings for sets of beaded earrings.

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Lakota Style Diamonds


This is a beautiful beaded set of earrings made traditionally with a brick stitch replacating a traditional Lakota design. This was designed by Dee Hansen in 1992. The background is a lime green with dark green and orange in the designed pattern. These measure 1.5 inches in width and are 4.5 inches in length.

Price: 25.00

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Double Arrowheads


This set is a double arrowhead in deep purple set on a turquoise background. The design is by Veon Schunzel from 1992. The actual diamond shape is 1 inch wide and is 3 and 1/2 inches long. Traditionally done with small hexagon beads that would be a treasure to anyone who possessed them.

Priced: $25.00
Plus shipping and handling

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End of the Trail Earrings


This is a beautiful earring set in a traditional Native American design of the End of the Trail, representing the prayer of thankfulness to the Creator for a good hunt or successful journey. These are done in a bright red on a pearlized white background. They measure 1 inch wide and they are 2 inches in length. We offer these in several colors and can custom design these if you would prefer a specific color.

Price: $20.00
Plus shipping and handling

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Please feel free to click on our shopping carts and order securely through PayPal, which is featured in auctions by Yahoo Auctions and Ebay Auctions. We trust that your purchase by credit card will be done in a secure and professional manner. If you would prefer to inquire about a custom order, please feel free to email us and let us know how we can help you. Shipping can be done by USPS (local postal office) or by UPS. All items are insured for your convience. Just click on the Contact Us page on the left menu above. Thank you for ordering with us.