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Native American cultures feel that history has provided many original heros, whether by the conflicts of past times or whether heros of military service. Many of the Chiefs of past times are known to many such as Chief Geronimo, Chief Crazy Horse, Chief Seattle, and numerous others, but these are mainly war chiefs. There are others who have contributed to Native people and have attempted to secure traditional rights for them and preserve the traditional cultures.

Present day history:

In more modern times we honor our heros that serve in the military services. Although native people are not required to serve in the armed forces, many do to preserve the freedom of our democracy and keep peace for all people.

Traditionally at Native American gatherings you will notice that the Veterans are the ones who carry the flags and also lead the dancers into the circle, which is a place of honor and respect from all nations. As the Grand Entry proceeds you might also hear a few of the Native American songs that are dedicated to all veterans.