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Our business is a small family oriented business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are both interested in issues that are important to all Native people and would like to share those interests with you. My husband and I attend many traditional gatherings in our area and hope to have a specific section set up here soon listing any pow wows or traditional programs that you might find interesting.

We are also concerned with Native Repatriation issues which concern the illegal discovery of bones and personal belongings from Native Burial sites. Within our traditions is was customary for those who passed on to be buried in sacred grounds that are not always marked as cemetaries or burial grounds. If during excavation of an area, you find bones or other items that you feel might be specifically Native American we urge you to contact your local resources for Native American people and let them send a Native Archeologist to determine what you might have stumbled upon. We have included a link to a website that can explain more thoroughly the problems with this issue. Please visit and support them in their efforts.

Ohio Center for Native American Affairs

Across the United States there are many organizations that provide outreach efforts to those of Native blood that reside in urban areas. Many times these communities are in need of help and receive assistance from people across the nation. One of places that we felt at home was a small group located in Central Ohio. They provide outreach and support for Native people of many different tribes and also sponsor several gatherings during the year. We have also found many different websites that offer many traditional items as we do and would like to encourage you to visit their site also. As with many native people we are usually on very small budgets and pass on our information by word of mouth. If you are interested in helping people and learning more about traditional values, we urge you to visit the following websites.

Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio

Four Winds Trading Post

Without Rez Productions