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We are fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, the great Pacific Northwest. I hope to include some of the pictures that we take here and I will also include some of my pictures of the beadwork and leather crafts that we do here.

I have always been guided by my heart and by my Creator. My journeys have been many and my heart is filled with extreme enjoyment. For many years my husband and I have been involved with the Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio. We frequently travelled to bordering states for Pow Wows and met many native brothers and sisters that filled our hearts and lives with joy. Here are some of them as we all danced in the Sacred Circle.

Since then, I have moved to my home in the Pacific Northwest. We have been here a little more than 2 years now and have discovered a most beautiful side of life. Being surrounded by family, we are busy learning the richness of the heritage of which I am a part.

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pow wow dancers

Our weather changes here at the drop of a pin. If you are planning on taking a trip or just want to check your weather please feel free to do so.

As is normal to those who attend Pow Wows there are many different people involved. I found that most of the dancers and vendors were good people with compassion and hope for the generations to come. My advice to my friends who attend a Pow Wow for the first time is to be respectful and listen to the stories.

This is one of my favorite photos showing some of my friends out east enjoying a local Pow Wow. I know that I am in this picture somewhere but I am not sure. I hope that you notice the beautiful Eagle Dancing Bustle, which is made by hand in the traditional way.


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