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When I decided to search for my family I was 40 years old, old enough I figured to begin a search for a family that I did not know and was not sure that they were even out there. I had thought of how to go about finding out about my real family and had no experience in researching or verifying anything.

After a short time and after using several address books I realized that I was going to need to use a program for researching and building my family tree. I have the deluxe edition of the Family Tree Maker. There are several that are very good and offer online services for your researching needs. I have found that the more you research on the subject of your history the more interesting it becomes. Therefore, access all of the information that you can on everything.

On this page I will include some of the links that have been most helpful to me and hope that they can help you...

Here are a few of my favorite links, if you want to find anyone:


Genealogy Search


I have found many different emotions in dealing with finding my family and reuniting with them. I am sure that many others have found their searches sometimes frustrating and other times rewarding. Here are a few links that I have found where I can communicate with others and share feelings together.


The Genealogy Community

Since my search was fairly quick, which surprised me, I am not sure what other peoples searches are like. There were hours spent pooring over the records to find great-grandparents, etc. I am of Native American Indian descent and I found these rolls to be helpful for some of my friends who searches for family was a little more difficult. Check them out if you are interested:

The Siler Rolls

The Chapman Rolls

Other Sites to Help You Find Anyone...

Today it seems that just about every talk show is finding lost parents, children, siblings, and relatives. It is a popular thing to do, but you must consider that what you find will not only effect you but everyone else around you. If you are certain that you need to find someone, the following sites can be helpful to you:

Joseph Culligan

Most times you can find hundreds even thousands of links to great Genealogy sites by just typing Genealogy in to any search engine. I hope these links will be helpful to you. Thank you for visiting my genealogy page.

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