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In Native American culture our veterans are honor and held in a position of honor.  This is the way our culture has always been, as in the days before discovery we honored those who provided protection and preservation of our tribal members.  Today you will see many gatherings where during the Grand Entry all of the dancers follow the Veterans who are the honor guard and carry the flags.  Some Pow Wows will have the drums play only one veterans song and others may play up to four.  These songs were written by our ancestors to honor the hero's in our tribes.
My husband and I are both veterans, as he served in the Air Force from 1973 thru 1977 and I served in the Army from 1971 thru 1976.  We both were honorably discharged and carry a pride with us for being prepared to defend the freedoms we have in this country. 
We honor those who have served and who are serving and keep them close to our hearts.  The job they do is sometimes tough, and even with the difference of opinion in our country we know that they are serving for the same reason we did.

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Recently I have been surfing the web and looking at many different websites for Women Veterans.  There are so many of us out there and before, at least for me, I never mentioned to many people that I had been in the military.  I have always been proud of my military service but never felt that I needed to mention it.  I recently have found many others who would like to share their experiences and are like me searching for support from sister veterans who are also searching.  I have found several places that offer support from other women who are veterans and I find it very useful.  I have added some of their websites here for your convienence.  Please click below and read the messages and add a few of your own if you would like to.

Pow Wow Veterans

PTSD Women Veterans

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Ringing Liberty Bell

Please take time out from your busy day and offer some support to your Elders who are veterans. Pass on your feelings of love and appreciation for these brave and proud brothers and sisters. For many years Native American Indians were not required to serve in the military due to what had happened in the past with the government, even though many Native American Indians did volunteer and fight the battles of the USA. Without our veterans we would not have the freedom and independence that we enjoy each day.
Hyshque!! Siam!!!

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The beautiful and relaxing sounds of the Native American flute or the vibration of the drum, as if often felt like the music can reach out and grab your heart.  If you are a Native American Veteran you will like this selection of music. Click on the link below and you can view and/or order the cd for yourself.

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American Warriors - Songs for Indian Veterans

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Recently I have been working on a disability claim with the Veterans Administration and have found valuable support from others who are also going through the same thing.  There is an undeniable bond between those of us who are veterans, and the bond seems to be there whether the veteran is a man or a woman, it is just something that connects us.  I am active in supporting the veterans who live on my reservation, many of whom are from World War II.  My father was a hero during his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and so were many of my uncles.  They all are very supportive of me and include me, as if I were their own daughter.  Many have passed on to me the fact that my Father, Joseph Solomon would have been very proud that is "little girl" volunteered to serve her country in this way.
I am always glad to hear from others with similar interests and concerns. I hope that you will email me by clicking on the words "Let me hear from you" below and let me know your impressions and feelings. Thanks for visiting our website.

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