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For most of the time that I can remember I seemed to have had specific ideas on things. In the late fall of 1995 I began helping with a unique support group for the Ohio Center for Native American Activities, and I also came to understand the deep feelings associated with the sale of artifacts, the disturbance of sacred areas, and the total disrespect of one group of people for another. I had felt that before that I knew about this... but,

Ohio Center for Native American Affairs

Native American Indian Center of Central Ohio

There are many different places to get involved if you are interested in understanding the life of many Native American Indains in this country. Please visit these following links and become informed:


White Bison, Inc.

Since I enjoy being friendly and have met some really fantastic people online, I would like to send you to some of the great clubs that I am involved with. These are more or less regular ordinary people like you and me.

Native American Chat Room

Native American Hangout

The Indian Car

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