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     On this Home page, the "doorway" to my site, you will find many good sites from my friends across the country. I am involved in many activities and will include information on them within my web site. I hope that some of this information can be of guidance for you, or just able to spark interest in something new.

     My favorite hobbies include learning new techniques for Native American Beadwork. Many of my elders are required to take medications for diabetes and I have beaded medicine bottles for them, one of my cousins said she likes to save quarters in seperate ones for each grandchild and the beadwork makes them perfect as gifts. I also enjoy needlepoint and crocheting. The Lummi people are known for their basketweaving and for carving. Baskets and Hats are the popular cedar weaving artwork. If you are looking for something special you may want to send me an email and I might be able to direct you or help how ever I can.

     Since I was adopted (or stolen) from my family as an infant, I have included some information on my Adoption Links page. There are many different issues to deal with as far as being an adoptee. My feelings are different than those of a birthparent or adoptive parent. Is it too tough to think that we as human beings could deny a person information to provide a connection to the human race?????

     If you check in our right column you will find a banner for the Redweb, which we are delighted lists our website.  They have listings for only First Nations/Native Peoples websites.  Please click on the banner and you will be taken there and you can see other beautiful and imformative sites.  We are proud to be part of their family.  Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail!  Thank you for spending some time with us.


Our Visitors are Important to Us!!
     Recently while surfing the World Wide Web I found a link that I thought would be very interesting because it seemed to be similar to my site.  Well I clicked on the link and guess what?  I ended up here at my own site. 
     We are always trying to find new information and places that you are interested in, so we try to update this site as often as we can.  We are proud to be able to provide a comfortable place for all who visit. Since we first presented this site we have had this many visitors.


Native American mother and child

Native American Adoptees are considered "Lost Birds" or "Split Feathers", and many today are adults that are lost to their families and nation's.  I was taken by lies from my mother who's only problem was that she was a poor indian woman.  My parents had to live with the pain and sorrow of losing a child to a society that considered them to not be in the best interest of their child.  Recently I found an article that explains the difficulties of Native children that were affected by what some refer to as the "sixties scoop".  The actually removal started about 1948 and continued undisturbed until the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978.  The legislation was to stop a problem of removing children for little or no reason, but it was just a tool to help more children be removed, because no one understood or even today understands the culture of the Native American community.  If you would like to know more you can find more information on our page entitled "From and Adoptees Point of View or click on the picture here to go directly to that page. 

From an Adoptee's Point of View...


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One of my favorite things to do is reading. I enjoy going to the Barnes and Nobles website and search for new books and to check out the specials that they offer. I have tried to add a different book or video or software that might be helpful for each of the different pages. You will find these links near the bottom of the pages. If you would like to go to their homepage please click below:

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Tribal Peoples of the Northwest.

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Thank you for visiting our page and visiting with us. You may want to bookmark this page so that you can come back at anytime. We will be updating this site regularly and look forward to your next visit.

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I am always willing to pass on the information that I have found and hope that it is helpful to others and guides them on their individual paths.  If you would like to pass this web site on to your friends, please click on the button below and you will receive instructions on send them an email so they can visit us too. We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our home.

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